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Hand Modes

During a kinesiology balance, you will notice I hold my fingers and hands in different positions. These are called Hand Modes or Finger Modes. They are a type of electromagnetic and energetic specific frequency indicators.

The thumb is considered electromagnetically and energetically neutral. Each of the fingers, however, has a specific polarity and differs from other fingers in the bandwidth of electromagnetic and energetic frequencies that flow down it.

It is as if the index finger is an AM radio frequency, the middle finger is FM radio frequency, the ring finger is shortwave radio frequency and the little finger is microwave frequency. Thus, whenever the thumb makes contact with a point on one of the fingers, it elicits a specific frequency of electromagnetic energy, like tuning in your radio.

Every imbalance in the body has a specific frequency pattern or resonates at a specific energetic frequency. When an indicator muscle is monitored at the same time a hand mode is held, it will change state (e.g. from 'unlocked' to locked) only if the frequency of imbalance matches the frequency of the hand mode. Just like tuning in your radio station, you know you have a frequency match between the frequency of the radio signal and your radio dial when you get a clear signal. Likewise, a clear response from the indicator muscle tells you that you have tuned in to a specific type of imbalance.

Hand modes have an ancient lineage from the mudras of the yogis to the modern hand-moding system of Energy Kinesiology. These hand modes have proved to be one of the most useful energetic tools in kinesiology, as they allow us to identify, specify and provide the context of imbalances that are often subconscious in nature.

Ref: C Krebs & T O’Neill McGowan 2014, Energetic Kinesiology

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