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MRK Fusion

MRK Fusion®

Massage, Reiki, Kinesiology. Three modalities fused together to alleviate your physical tension and pain, cleanse your chakras and balance your mind, body and spirit.

Exclusive to Optimum Body Therapy, this unique, holistic session will help clear any blockages holding you back in life. An MRK Fusion® session will raise your vibration and give you the courage to move forward in life, to reclaim your personal power and to achieve your personal goals.

To begin your session, we discuss any stress, dis-ease or blockages you may have. Then we set a positive intention of what you would like to let go of and what you would like to bring in to your life.

As I connect with your energy, creating an energetic circuit, we are then guided by the Universal energy. Holy Fire® Reiki and Seichim/Sekhem energy flows to where it is needed, clearing any emotional blockages and helping to relieve pain. As it flows through me and into you, the energy also guides us to any kinesiology balancing techniques needed. This includes sound healing such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, drums, tingsha bells, a gong and tuning forks. It also guides us to crystals, colour light therapy, oracle cards, essential oils, flower essences and balancing mists. Then we commence the therapeutic massage, and the Reiki energy continues to flow as we release pain and tension in your body.

At the end of the session, we debrief and discuss your experience, including any feelings and emotions that came up and I run through all of the kinesiology balancing techniques that were used and any emotions associated with them. I then offer recommendations for you to continue your healing at home. 

MRK Fusion® is available in 3 session lengths: 2 hours and 15 minutes for initial consultation, 2 hours and 1.5 hours for subsequent consultations.

Subsequent consultations - For a massage treatment on more than 2 areas (eg. back, neck and shoulders, arms and legs) please book a 2 hour session. You can book a 1.5 hour session, if you only require massage treatment to back, neck and shoulders.

Book Online or give Nikki a call to find out more about how an MRK Fusion® session can help you to alleviate your pain, clear your blockages and achieve your goals.

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Do not use sound healing instruments directly on the body during pregnancy, especially during the first 12 weeks, and especially not on the stomach or back of a pregnant woman.

Do not use sound healing if you suffer from epilepsy unless you have consulted your doctor to ensure you receive the right anti-epileptic medication and are in no danger of seizure from sound vibrations.

Keep a minimum distance of 20 cm (8 inches) between a sound healing instrument and any implanted heart pacemaker, stent or shunt.


Do not use sound healing instruments:

• on any deep vein thrombosis in the leg or known thrombi.

• on open wounds.

• on acute inflammations and tumours.

• directly on or above a pacemaker or defibrillator. Keep a distance of at least 20 cm from where it is implanted.

• directly on or anywhere in the immediate area of a metallic implant.

• post surgery before the sutures have been removed and the scar is not fully healed and closed.

• around the neck in the case of carotid atherosclerosis.

The following people should consult their doctor before the first use of sound healing:

• People with carotid stenosis (prior to application in the area of the carotid artery/larynx)

• People with cardiac pacemakers, artificial heart valves, or cardiac arrhythmias

• People with a stent

• People with a shunt

• People with a deep brain stimulation device (DBS)

• People with epilepsy

• Pregnant women

The sound healing instruments must not be used on the body directly on:

• implants (or near implants until they have completely healed)

• screws

• artificial joints

• inflamed joints and veins

• the skin, in the case of inflammatory skin disorders

• weeping eczema

• diseased veins

• the stomach or back of a pregnant woman

Treatment should not commence until three days after injury at the earliest for:

• Whiplash

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MRK Fusion® Reviews

Nikki is absolutely incredible!
I booked for the MRK fusion.
All I can say is wow!
I have never experienced something like this before. I have never done reiki or kinesiology before and it cracked me open in such a good way. I was apprehensive because I have never done something like this before so was nervous. However Nikki has such a warm and welcoming nature. I felt comfortable immediately. Since our session I have been able to break through some major personal barriers and made some incredible life changes. If you are new or unsure of trying something different or new I would highly recommend Nikki! I strongly look forward to future sessions!

Chantelle D ~ Facebook

Nikki's studio is immaculate. Clean, calm, and well equipped with everything she needs to help you on your journey.

I had the MRK fusion therapy and am still feeling the guidance of her energy and spirit days later.

Nikki has a gift, both with her abilities as a practitioner, and the way she makes you feel welcome and safe from the moment you step through the door.

Erin T ~ Google

I started seeing Nikki 6 months ago and I wish I found her sooner! Nikki is highly professional, passionate about her work and genuinely cares for her clients. I regularly get the MRK Fusion session which is the ultimate package for overall wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. I highly recommend Nikki and will continue to keep seeing her as part of my self-care practice.

Amanda K ~ Google

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