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Colour Light Therapy

We use colour light therapy as a correction technique in Energy Kinesiology. Colour light therapy is a holistic approach that helps to heal the mind, body and spirit. Colour is pure vibration and can balance and thereby increase our energy. Colour is energy. Every colour has its own wavelength and frequency. As a result, we perceive colour not only visually, but absorb it subconsciously through our skin. When penetrating our body, colour produces chemical reactions that affect the function of various organs and systems. Colour helps our skin “tissues” and organs to stock up on energy, thus increasing the body’s resistance. This newly charged energy gives us strength to fight against disease.

In Energy Kinesiology, after we put an issue in the client's circuit and have found the appropriate balance protocol, we use muscle biofeedback to see if colour light is needed as a correction, then we test again to pick which colour and where it needs to be used. Common uses are on the chakras, meridians and acupoints.

Ref: C Krebs & T O’Neill McGowan 2014, Energetic Kinesiology

Colour Light Therapy: News
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