Energy Healing Massage

An Energy Healing Massage is a therapeutic Swedish massage infused with Reiki and Energy Kinesiology balancing techniques. The 80 minute session focuses on the upper body. Reiki is infused into the muscles as I work through the back, neck and shoulders, finding areas of imbalance. If there is tension, cupping may be used, which helps release the tension, improves blood flow and allows the chi to flow freely through the meridiansTuning forks and singing bowls are used to help rebalance your biofield and to raise your vibration. The session finishes with a balancing flower essence spray and an oracle card, selected by communicating with your subconscious mind by using muscle monitoring.  

Massage & emotions. Did you know around 85% of your physical body pain is caused by stress and your emotions? There are no bad or good emotions, we have a range of emotions that can be healthy. But if we suppress our emotions, they hide in your body, and in your biofield, and eventually they present as pain and dis-ease. If we ignore the pain, and the underlying emotions that are causing the pain, then it will become chronic and long term. During your massage, when I find areas of tension, I like to educate you on the types of emotions and thought patterns that could possibly be causing the pain. Particularly if you've had scans etc that have ruled out structural damage. By bringing your awareness to these emotions, quite often they will resonate with emotional patterns in your life. By doing this throughout the massage, it helps accelerate the healing process.  

Swedish massage is the most common form of classical Western massage, generally performed in the direction of the heart. It is used especially for relaxation, relief of muscular tension, and improvement of circulation and range of motion.

Cupping therapy. Every injury, illness, surgery and toxic substance that the body has been exposed to from conception forward may still be present in the tissues. The intake of medication, acidic diets and high stress-no rest pace produce a constant state of inflammation. Cupping therapy has produced amazing results in reversing the diseased process within the body. Cupping works layer by layer in the body, drawing out the toxins and bringing them to the surface. It also helps improve lymphatic drainage. Cupping therapy helps increase blood flow and allows the chi (TCM) to flow freely through the meridians. 

If you're curious about Reiki Energy Healing or Energy Kinesiology, then an Energy Healing Massage is a great introduction to these modalities. Book online or give Nikki a call to find out more about an Energy Healing Massage and how it can help you to alleviate your pain and enhance your wellbeing.