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Layers of the Aura

While the physical body is obvious to our physical senses as it can be seen, touched and felt both by ourselves and by others, the subtle bodies creating the layers of our aura are not detectable by our five physical senses. However, many subtle effects can be measured that appear to have no physical source, such as the healing energy of a healer's hands or the instantaneous psychic flow of thoughts from one person to another.

Once we incorporate the subtle bodies of Man into his physical body, we begin to see a multidimensional being. While the physical body is the only body currently recognized in western thought, in the East the subtle bodies associated with this physical body have been very well defined.

In the East, it is generally recognized that humans have a physical body that is surrounded and interpenetrated by at least four other subtle bodies. The other subtle bodies exist at different frequencies of subtle vibration. For instance, as electromagnetic radiation exists over a spectrum of frequencies from microwaves to gamma rays, the magnetoelectric radiation also exists over a frequency range of vibrations, from the lowest vibrations of the etheric to the highest vibrations of the causal or spiritual body.

The layers of the aura include:

1. Divine Layer (Void)
2. Monadic Layer (Vibration)
3. Atmic Layer (Force or will)
4. Buddhic Layer (Archetypes)
5. Mental Layer (Thoughts)
6. Astral Layer (Emotions)
7. Etheric Layer (Meridians, Nadis & the Etheric web)
8. Physical Layer (Anatomy & Physiology)

Ref: C Krebs & T O’Neill McGowan 2014, Energetic Kinesiology

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