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Muscle Monitoring

Did you know that only 5% of your thoughts are conscious thoughts? That leaves a huge 95% of our thoughts to our subconscious mind! In Energy Kinesiology, we communicate with the subconscious mind using muscle monitoring. Muscle monitoring is when we check the integrity of the neurological flow between the muscle sensors (spindle cells) and the central nervous system. It is a biofeedback device for use in Energy Kinesiology.

The muscle response indicates the level of stress. As discussed above, there are three stages of stress.

1. The Alarm phase – 1st stage of stress – The muscle unlocks on monitoring and we can tonify or “lengthen to strengthen” the muscle so that it locks when monitored again.

2. The Resistance phase – 2nd stage of stress – when the muscle locks and we can’t unlock it when we try to sedate it, or “push to mush”.

3. The Exhaustion phase – 3rd stage of stress – this is when the muscle unlocks on monitoring but we can’t “lengthen to strengthen” it and it remains unlocked.

The muscle state that we want to work towards is when there is no change – or “Homeostasis”. This is when the muscle locks on monitoring and we sedate it and it unlocks.

In Energy Kinesiology, we use muscle monitoring to indicate stress. First, a muscle can be a direct indicator of stress within the muscle-organ/gland meridian related circuit. In this case, the muscle imbalances directly reflect imbalances within the associated organ/gland-meridian. Second, the muscle can be an independent indicator muscle for generalized stress in any part of the body.

We ask the body direct questions using the muscle monitoring – the body is the integrated unit of the physiological, emotional, mental and spirit realms of your being: you. This is possible because muscle response is predominantly controlled from the subconscious mind. Muscle responses act as an interface to locate stressors or imbalances within subconscious and subtle body energy systems.

Ref: C Krebs & T O’Neill McGowan 2014, Energetic Kinesiology.

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