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All the Health Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Women’s health is becoming a hotter topic as the days go by. With that said, people are finally becoming more aware of the options for obstetric and pregnancy massages. The use of obstetric massage is beneficial to one's health, especially for pregnant women.

Prenatal massage was once considered an alternative therapy, but it is now widely accepted as a way for pregnant women to relieve a myriad of discomfort issues while carrying babies to term and to birth. As such, because this is a specialised area, you should educate yourself about it before scheduling an appointment for this type of massage therapy.

Read on to discover all the health benefits of prenatal massage.

Prenatal Massage Encourages Better Sleep

After receiving a therapeutic massage, both melatonin and serotonin levels increase. Sleep patterns can be manipulated. Massage promotes better sleep in pregnant women, which benefits their overall health.

Prenatal Massage Aids in Stress Reduction

Cortisol is a stress hormone that is produced in the body. Pregnant women who receive massage therapy as part of their prenatal care have lower cortisol levels. This raises her hormone levels, which in turn improves her mood, vitality, and resistance to illness.

Massage also causes a reduction in stress hormones in both the mother and the baby. Some studies have found that prenatal massage can increase the stress hormone cortisol levels in the infant. The advantages of prenatal massage do not stop with the mother receiving the treatment.

Prenatal Massage Reduces Joint Inflammation and Muscle Tensions

Oedema refers to swelling. It is caused by decreased blood circulation and increased blood vessel pressure during pregnancy. Therapeutic massage can help pregnant women because it stimulates the soft tissues and reduces joint inflammation. The lymphatic system is important in the body's waste elimination, and massage can help it do its job better.

At the same time, muscle pain and cramping are both fairly common pregnancy symptoms. These aches and pains are caused by muscle tension and activity in neuronal pathways. These symptoms can be alleviated through pregnancy massage.

Prenatal Massage Alleviates Pain and Discomfort

A significant number of pregnant women suffer from sciatic nerve pain. The muscles in their pelvic floor and lower back support the weight of their uterus. The muscles in both the upper and lower legs swell as a result of the pressure. Prenatal massage specialists assist expectant mothers in relieving the stress and strain that accumulates in their muscles. Massage can help pregnant women suffering from sciatic nerve pain.

Prenatal Massage Reduces the Risk of Premature Births

Prenatal massage therapy has been shown in studies to reduce the likelihood of having a premature baby.


Because of these health benefits, it comes as no surprise why a large number of health clinics provide massage. Before getting a massage, you should be aware that only trained professionals who specialise in prenatal massage can provide the proper treatment. It is critical to give careful consideration to your choice of a prenatal massage therapist. Before proceeding with the process, inquire about the therapist's background, credentials, and training.

In Australia, there are practitioner membership groups that provide pregnancy massage specialists for consultation. Furthermore, some physiotherapists provide obstetric massage to their patients. To reduce the risk to you and your unborn child, make sure to choose a qualified pregnancy massage therapist.

If you’re looking for a therapeutic massage, the professional team of Optimum Body Therapy is here to give you a holistic healing experience. Contact us today to learn more!

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