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What to Do Before and After a Reiki Session

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that uses the universal life force energy to promote healing. Reiki's practice is said to help with a wide range of conditions, both physical and mental.

If you are considering trying a Reiki session, you should do a few things before and after the session to make the most of the experience. Let's get started.

Preparing for a Reiki Session

Relax and Reflect

Before your session, it's important to take some time for yourself. Check in with how your body is feeling, take note of any emotions, thoughts, or physical sensations you are experiencing, and take some time to breathe. You may also reflect on any intentions you want to set for your session and anything you want to share with your practitioner before you begin. This will help you get the most out of your session.

Eat and Hydrate

Before receiving a treatment, it is recommended that you eat and drink a few hours before. This is so you are comfortable and not distracted by hunger or thirst. You should avoid eating a heavy meal before the treatment, as your body's energy will be focused on digesting the food.

Get Comfortable

Most Reiki sessions will have you laying down on your back with comfortable clothing. The practitioner will assess if there are any areas of concern and will focus the energy on these areas. It is important to communicate with your practitioner if you feel uncomfortable during the session.

Cooling Down After a Reiki Session


To get the most out of your Reiki session, it is important to take some time afterwards to relax and process what may have come up for you. Take at least 15-20 minutes to meditate, lie down, go for a walk in nature, or even take a nap. Try not to book or schedule anything immediately after your session.

Eat and Hydrate

Drinking water after energy work is important to help replenish the body. You may also feel hungry after a session, so listening to your body and choosing a healthy snack or meal is important. Eating can also help ground the body.


After a guided meditation or other spiritual experience, reflecting on what you experienced can be helpful. This can be done by journaling, drawing, or capturing any insights you had during the experience. You may also meditate afterwards or listen to calming and inspirational music. Whatever you choose, find an activity that helps you connect to what you've experienced so you can draw on it in future.


You can do a few things before and after a Reiki session to help you get the most out of it. Before the session, it is helpful to relax and clear your mind. You may also want to drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine. During the session, it is important to be open to the experience and trust the process. After the session, it is helpful to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol. You may also want to journal about your experience.

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