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Tibetan Figure 8s

The third major energy system of the body is the Tibetan figure 8 energy system. Balancing figure 8 flows has been shown in clinical practice to produce powerful anecdotal effects on physiological systems, such as reducing or even eliminating pain from tendons and muscle strains or sunburn and eliminating symptoms of the flu.

Unlike both the chakra and the acupuncture meridian systems, the figure 8 energy system does not directly interface with the physical body but rather interfaces primarily with the acupuncture meridian system largely below it and the chakra-nadi system extending from the body to the highest spiritual layers of the aura.

Imbalances in figure 8 energy flows can create imbalances in both of these systems (meridians and chakras) that may then manifest as physiological disturbance within the physical body.

Structure of the figure 8 energy system – on the trunk, the figure 8 energy flows from one hip toward the opposite shoulder; crosses in an arc to the opposite shoulder; then flows diagonally down, crossing the body to the opposite hip; and again crosses in an arc back to the side where it began, completing the figure 8. These figure 8 flows crisscross at a midpoint exactly in the middle of each body segment. The figure 8 flows are repeated over each surface of the head, trunks and legs, giving 12 major figure 8 flows over the body surfaces.

There are two additional figure 8 flows – one above the head and one below the soles of the feet. There are also minor figure 8 flows associated with every joint of the body, including those in the fingers and toes. The figure 8 flow occurs in all levels of the aura.

Ref: C Krebs & T O’Neill McGowan 2014, Energetic Kinesiology

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