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Optimum Body Therapy helps clients to alleviate their pain and enhance a sense of wellbeing through Massage Therapy, Reiki Energy Healing and Energy Kinesiology.

​​Located in Mernda, VIC 3754, clients visit from Mernda, Doreen, Whittlesea, South Morang, Mill Park, Wollert and surrounds.

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Opening Hours

Monday & Tuesday:

10am to 7pm

Wednesday to Friday:

10am to 3.30pm


9.30am to 11.30am



By appointment only.


For same day appointments, please call Nikki on 0418363371.




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MRK Fusion


Massage, Reiki, Kinesiology. Three modalities fused together to alleviate your physical tension and pain, clear your chakras and balance your mind, body and spirit. Exclusive to Optimum Body Therapy, this unique, three hour holistic session will help clear any blockages holding you back in life. An MRK Fusion session will raise your vibration and give you the courage to move forward in life, to reclaim your personal power and to achieve your personal goals.

Energy Healing Massage


An Energy Healing Massage is a therapeutic Swedish massage infused with Reiki and Energy Kinesiology balancing techniques. The session focuses on the upper body. Reiki is infused into the muscles as I work through the back, neck and shoulders, finding areas of imbalance. Hand placements are performed on the front of the body working through the chakras. Singing bowls, tuning forks, balancing sprays etc are selected to raise your vibration and complete the session.

Energy Kinesiology


Energy Kinesiology is a non-invasive, natural health care system, or a stress management system, which is based upon the Eastern "energetic" systems of healthcare (meridians, chakras etc) and the Western knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology.  Balancing techniques include acupressure, reiki, singing bowls, tuning forks, oracle cards, flower essences, clearing mists, essential oils, colour therapy and crystal healing.

Therapeutic Massage


All massages are tailored to each individual person depending on what your body requires. A variety of techniques are used to achieve optimum results including deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy and cupping therapy.

Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki energy flows to where it is needed, clearing any emotional blockages and helping to relieve pain. I work through all of the chakras using hand placements across the entire body. A hands on reiki energy healing session is infused with Kinesiology balancing techniques such as singing bowls, tuning forks, oracle cards, flower essences, balancing mists, essential oils, colour therapy and crystal healing.

Energy Kinesiology & Massage Package


Combine an Energy Kinesiology session and a Therapeutic Massage for a holistic treatment and balance.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage.png

Pregnancy massage can help with the Mother-baby connection, it can increase relaxation, help to reduce anxiety and improve your sleep pattern. A full body pregnancy massage takes 1.5 hours, please allow up to 2 hours.


Nikki Narduzzo

Massage Therapist, Usui Holy Fire®️ III Reiki Master,
NK Kinesiologist & Business Owner

I am dedicated to helping my clients alleviate their pain and enhance a sense of wellbeing for them through Massage Therapy, Reiki Energy Healing and Energy Kinesiology. I absolutely love what I do and am so passionate about energy healing. I love to work with the energetic systems and to bring attention to emotions and where they live in your body and present as pain. Seeing the changes that my clients experience and are able to implement in their lives, is what drives me to continue to learn and develop myself, giving me more tools to help you.


Video Updates




Anxiety Is Not Me

Episode 7: Massage, Reiki & Kinesiology with Nikki Narduzzo from Optimum Body Therapy

I am so honoured to be a guest on @anxietyisnotme_thepodcast with Madison Schrader. We discuss Massage, Reiki, Kinesiology, sound healing, crystals and flower essences, and how these modalities fused together can help with anxiety to raise our vibration and help our bodies to heal. ✨

🎙️Check out the podcast on Spotify!


Google Reviews


I had my first ever Kinesiology session with Nikki. After being in agonising and debilitating hip pain for over a year straight, and osteopath twice weekly for a year, one session of this, and i have had NO PAIN!! For four weeks now. Not even a niggle. Highly recommend Nikki for helping me gain my life back!!

Holly Kelly

I started seeing Nikki 6 months ago and I wish I found her sooner! Nikki is highly professional, passionate about her work and genuinely cares for her clients. I regularly get the MRK Fusion session which is the ultimate package for overall wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. I highly recommend Nikki and will continue to keep seeing her as part of my self-care practice.

Amanda K

Nikki's studio is immaculate. Clean, calm, and well equipped with everything she needs to help you on your journey.
I had the MRK fusion therapy and am still feeling the guidance of her energy and spirit days later.
Nikki has a gift, both with her abilities as a practitioner, and the way she makes you feel welcome and safe from the moment you step through the door.

Erin T

From the moment I entered the clinic I was made to feel welcome and completely at ease. Nikki is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and takes the time to listen and assess your needs and tailor your treatment perfectly. Definitely one of the best if not THE best massage treatment I've had. I didn't want to leave and can't wait to go back. You need to book in to see Nikki. You won't be disappointed!

Jessica Tabone

To begin, you are introduced to a soothing and comfortable environment, featuring perfectly monitored temperatures and tranquil soundscapes softly projected into the room. Nikki ensures that the massage is tailored to your requests AND your body's needs to ensure that she provides an experience that is both enjoyable and physically beneficial. She conducts herself with a skill that truly demonstrates her expertise in her craft and will leave you feeling refreshed, recharged and sure to rebook. Five Stars.

Owen Phillips

I highly recommend Optimum Body Therapy. Nikki is a highly skilled massage therapist who is able to very quickly determine and implement an effective treatment plan based on your individual needs. Not only massage, but also other modes of treatment such as Reiki for your general and health and wellbeing.

Aaron McDonough

I went for a massage yesterday and I was so impressed by Nikki. She was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Her room was set up so nice and was to the highest of hygiene standards. I highly recommend going to see Nikki. Oh and yes her massage techniques are one of the best. I walked out feeling so refreshed. I will definitely be returning.

Jo Logan

I met Nikki by chance, when I explained i had Parkinsons and needed assistance with this, Nikki instantly did research on my illness to find the best way to help me. I can't thank Nikki enough for the relief she gives my body and her conversations and humour make for a truly wonderful experience. I highly recommend this lady, she has warm healing hands. I am a truly satisfied customer.

James Hill

The best deep tissue/trigger point massage I've ever had. Nikki was so thorough, intuitive and effective. 2 days later and I'm feeling great, she's freed all my tightness. Looking forward to my next one! Highly recommended.

Amanda Radovic


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