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🔮Crystal of the week🔮

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

I have loved Rose Quartz for a few years now, but this year has seen me develop a love for so many more Crystals. In fact, I've become quite addicted to buying them! I love the large rough pieces, the polished generator points, the beautiful bracelets, the meanings behind them and I love learning about the health and wellbeing benefits of each crystal I buy. So much so, that I've bought several books on crystal healing including one for crystal massage and am keen to learn how to use crystals to enhance a massage.

I'd love to share this knowledge with you so each week, I'm going to highlight one of the many crystals from my clinic and explain the benefits.

The first crystal I'd like to share with you is Selenite. I have this beautiful large Selenite lamp in the clinic. Historical data is stored in the thin bands on the crystal. Physically, it can help align the spine. Selenite can fight free radicals in the body. It helps establish clarity & self awareness leading to connection with higher guidance. It inspires inner peace, stillness & calm making it perfect for meditation. Selenite helps expand the mind. Also helps with anxiety and clears negative energy. Selenite records information and is great for telepathic exchange. Be gentle with it as Selenite is a soft stone - don't expose to shock or moisture. It is great for charging other crystals.

Chakra - Crown

Zodiac - Taurus

My favourite go to store for crystals is The Happy Hippy Crystals. They are a family run business in Wallan. Check out their page. But be warned... Their Live events are addictive!

Crystal of the Week

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