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Prehnite ~ Crystal of the week

This week's crystal is one of my favourites in the clinic - Prehnite. I particularly love this piece - it is rough on one side and polished on the other.

Prehnite is a stone for healers - it heals the healer. It is a protective stone, bringing peace to your environment and alleviating nightmares. It helps to overcome phobias and deep-seated fears. It protects you whilst facilitating contact with Archangel Raphael and other beings of light. During meditation, it can be used to achieve a deeper connection to your higher self.

If you need to declutter your home or life, prehnite will motivate you to let go of possessions and feelings you no longer need, as well as organize what you decide to keep. It is great for Feng Shui. Use it to set up and maintain grids and make accurate predictions.

Zodiac - Virgo

Chakra - Heart & Solar Plexus

I purchased this piece from

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