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Chakra Nadi System

The Chakra-Nadi system

The Chakra-Nadi system is one of the primary subtle energy systems of the body. It consists of seven major chakras and many minor chakras. Every joint in the body has a minor chakra associated with it.

The seven major chakras are:
✨ Crown chakra – located at the top of the head and projects upward
✨ Brow chakra – projects forward from between the eyebrows
✨ Throat chakra – projects forward from the notch of the throat
✨ Heart chakra – projects forward from the bottom of the sternum
✨ Solar Plexus chakra – projects forward from the navel
✨ Sacral chakra – projects forward from just above the pubis
✨ Base chakra – projects downward from the perineum at about an 80° angle forward.

Smaller chakra cones also project from the back of the body at a point opposite the entry point of each of the major frontal cones.

Each chakra cone is made up of many smaller cones, all of which constantly spin clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Chakras penetrate all levels of the subtle body aura, and act to transduce the energies of the subtle bodies into electromagnetic energy for use at the physical level. This transduction of ordering or organising energy is one of the primary mechanisms that maintains the coherence of the etheric template, which in turn maintains the functions of the physical body.

The Nadis - interconnecting the major and minor chakras are numerous subtle energy channels called Nadis, which distribute the pranic energy taken in by the chakras. Not only do the nadi channels connect the chakras to each other, but also to specific parts of the physical cellular structure. Nadis can be considered fine threads or minute channels of subtle energetic matter that are similar to the meridians of the acupuncture meridian system.

Ref: C Krebs & T O’Neill McGowan 2014, Energetic Kinesiology.

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