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Tuning Forks

One of my favourite tools to use in kinesiology balances are tuning forks. This beautiful set pictured is a 14 piece meridian tuning fork set from Healing Tuning Forks.

Sound is one of the most powerful types of vibration in the universe. As with all vibrational patterns, the degree of coherence and frequency of that sound determines its effect. Coherent sound vibrational patterns can be soothing and healing, while incoherent ones are aggravating and annoying, for example symphony versus cacophony (random noise).

Tuning forks cause physical vibrations of the air, which cause vibrations in the body's tissues and energetic structures. These vibrational patterns can entrain tissues and energetic structures to higher levels of coherence, reflecting more homeostatic states of function. Tuning forks can be used singularly or in combination. When a single tuning fork is used, for instance directed at an acupoint or held in a chakra, that frequency will entrain that structure to vibrate in a more harmonious way.

However, when tuning forks are used in combination, the sound frequencies of each fork now combine to create a unique interference pattern that has its own harmonic structure that is different from that of the individual forks. This interference pattern, which is represented by a unique wave form, may also entrain tissues and energetic structures into more homeostatic patterns of function.

This set of tuning forks can be used with the meridian alarm points to indicate which tuning fork or fork combinations match a particular frequency of imbalance. This imbalance may be at the physical, etheric, emotional, mental or even spiritual levels. They can also be used during a chakra hologram balance to bring discordant energetic or physical systems into greater coherence, the basis of healing.

Ref: C Krebs & T O’Neill McGowan 2014, Energetic Kinesiology

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